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Welcome to Mernda Smiles for a wide range of dental services that can ensure quality and comprehensive solutions to many dental issues for you and your family. Our locally owned and operated dentist near Yan Yean are experienced and renowned for making a difference by providing quality dental services at an affordable price range.

Mernda Smiles is a leading dental clinic that has been operating for a long time. Our highly qualified dentists are committed to providingexcellent dental care solutions to our patients.We offer a wide range of dental services that can ensure comprehensive solutions to many dental issues.

Our services are customised to the specific needs of each of our dental patients. We set ourselves apart in the dental services sector of Australia with unique dental care delivery.

What Our Dental Service Can Do For You

As a leading service provider of general dentistry based near Yan Yean, we guarantee that your experience with us will be memorable in the best possible way. Your comfort is our top priority. We understand that many patients feel apprehensive about visiting a dentist. However, our warm and supportive smile with a friendly touch will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

We are renowned for providing a soothing and calm environment that plays a significant role in calming the anxious nerves of our worried patients.

Mernda Smiles provides a leading team of specialist orthodontists close to Yan Yean, treating all types of simple and complex orthodontic cases. Our team utilise their years of solid experience and expertise to achieve the best treatment outcomes for your distorted or missing teeth.

Our Invisalign treatment is popular among our patients in Yan Yean because we offer a plan-focused dental treatment with the highest quality dentistry in a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

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Contact us today on 03 9717 9696 or for more information and queries on our wide range of dental care services available near Yan Yean. You can also book an appointment today with our friendly professionals.