Invisalign is one of the most common orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth, especially for adults. Compared to other aligners, Invisalign provides many advantages and produces more effective results.

As a leading provider of Invisalign in Mernda, Mernda Smiles offers qualified teeth straightening services using the latest technology.

We provide Invisalign braces to correct a number of orthodontic issues, such as crookedness, malocclusion, crowding, and the gap between teeth. We also provide Invisalign before and after care treatments for lifelong oral health and hygiene.

Invisalign are clear braces that are almost invisible or barely noticeable, unlike traditional metal braces. You can remove them while eating, drinking, brushing, and fix it back easily. This ensures a better oral health care solution as compared to traditional fixed-type braces.

What Our Invisalign Treatment Can Do For You

Invisalign braces are smooth and comfortable without any sharp edges as compared to traditional metal braces that come with protruding bits and wires, which can cause scratches and tears on your gums and mouth tissues.

Moreover, Invisalign is a proven treatment option with a large number of satisfied people around the world. We can accurately scale the results and make effective changes if required while undergoing the Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Cost

Invisalign cost depends on a number of factors, including locations, overheads, and the difference in the techniques used. The cost for the same procedures may vary depending on your body metabolism and time taken by your body to respond accurately after treatment. Invisalign cost is also determined by the variation on the degree of difficulty, alterations in the treatment methods and materials offered by the clinics for different types of treatments.

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