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Giving a bright, confident smile can make a difference in one’s social relationships. However, not everyone is lucky enough to present a beautiful, bright smile to others.

Are you struggling with stains or discolouration on your teeth and searching for advanced teeth whitening options in Mernda? Do you want a professional teeth whitening service to restore your bright smile and quality of living?

Welcome to Mernda Smiles – your destination for holistic, advanced dental treatment solutions.

We offer safe, quick teeth whitening services that can bring back the lost sheen of your smile. An hour at our dental chair can give you a new and refreshed life with a whiter smile.

You can also choose a whitening kit if you would like to improve the colour of your teeth in your home comfort.

Know The Reasons For Discolouration

While looking for a solution, it is also important for you to learn the reasons for teeth discolouration and stains. This can help you to safeguard yourself from teeth discolouration in future:

The following are the primary reasons that contribute to teeth discolouration:

  • Your eating habits. Regular consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, colas, vegetables like potatoes, and fruits like apples can also cause teeth discolouration.
  • Use of tobacco, including smoking and chewing of tobacco, can stain your teeth and affect your overall oral health.
  • Certain health conditions and treatment choices can lead to discolouration of teeth. For instance, chemotherapy and head and neck radiation may lead to teeth discolouration.
  • Poor oral hygiene is another major contributor to teeth discolouration. Inadequate brushing, rinsing, and flossing can create stains on your teeth.
  • Studies have shown that certain medications can also contribute to teeth staining. Antipsychotic drugs, drugs prescribed for high blood pressure, and antihistamines are notorious for causing discolouration.
  • Mouth washing products that contain cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine are also known for causing discolouration.

Regardless of these reasons, most people experience discolouration when advancing in age. It is mainly due to the outer layer of the enamel getting worn away as people age. This leads to the revealing of dentin – the naturally-yellow coloured inner layer of teeth.

Choose The Treatment Based On Your Priorities

At Mernda Smiles, we offer treatment services based on the specific needs of our patients. Do you want quick results for an upcoming corporate program or family function? You can choose our in-chair teeth whitening at our clinic to get instant whitening results. The whitening process is completed in an hour, and you will get a brighter smile based on your needs.

We also offer at-home whitening trays to help people who want to get slow, steady whitening results. It is also an option for people who search for inexpensive teeth whitening solutions. You will get good teeth whitening results in 2-3 weeks, and you can control your whitening results based on your requirements.

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In-Chair Teeth Whitening

This is a professional teeth whitening service performed by our dentists at our clinic in Mernda. Before providing the service, we will complete a quick dental check-up to ensure that you do not have any oral health conditions and good to go with teeth whitening.

At Mernda Smiles, our dentists will start the whitening by applying a protective gel on your gums, which is followed by a whitening gel to your teeth. Note that our whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, and we expose your teeth to a special LED light. This helps the gel to gently penetrate to teeth and remove deep stains and discolouration through an oxygen releasing reaction.

Since the whitening is performed under the supervision of a dental professional, in-chair service is the preferred choice for people who want safe teeth whitening services.

At-Home Whitening Kit

Mernda Smiles also offers at-home whitening kits for people who wish to whiten their teeth at their home comfort. During your initial consultation, our dentists will take the impression of your teeth to design custom-whitening trays for you.

Note that the whitening tray is a thin mouthguard to correctly apply the whitening gel on your teeth and protect your gums from the exposure of the gel. Your kit will also have the step-by-step instructions on how to use the whitening gel.

To summarise the instructions, you can add the whitening gel to the whitening trays – small, single drop into each tooth impression in the tray– using the syringe provided with the kit. You can then place the trays and wait for an hour or the amount of time your dentist instructed to allow the gel to do its job.

Once the required time is over, you can remove the tray, clean it, and wash and rinse your mouth thoroughly. You can repeat the whitening process every day for two weeks or until you get the desired whitening results.

Though there are many over-the-counter whitening kits are available, most of them are not appropriate for the needs of patients. Therefore, it may not give the best whitening results and lead to gum infection.


How Long Will The Whitening Results Last?

In most cases, teeth whitening may last 3 – 6 months. It is important to note that your lifestyle, food habits, oral hygiene, and health can decide the duration of the results. As mentioned earlier, the use of tobacco and high consumption of alcohol can reverse the effect of whitening and demand more frequent teeth whitening.

With good dental hygiene and lifestyle, you can ensure the whitening results are extended.


Are The Teeth Whitening Treatments Safe?

At Mernda Smiles, we offer at-home teeth whitening products that contain less than 18 percent carbamide peroxide or 6 percent hydrogen peroxide. For our in-chair treatment services, we use bleaching products with a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide.

However, all these teeth whitening products are approved by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) and provide you with safe treatment results. Note that the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in these products produce little or no effect on your teeth, including the outer enamel.

What To Expect After Treatment?

Though teeth whitening treatments are highly safe, some people may find their gums and teeth become more sensitive after treatment. It may last for a few days, and you can consult with your dentist if it becomes a prolonged issue.

During the initial consultation, our dentists will advise you about the possible side effects and what can be expected after treatment.



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