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Tooth decay is the most common dental health issue that needs complete, quick restoration solutions. Otherwise, it can affect the overall health condition and quality of living of the patient.

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Tooth Fillings – The Option To Restore Your Smile And Oral Health

Tooth fillings help you to restore the full functionality, shape, and aesthetic appeal of your teeth, even if you’re struggling with severe dental decay or cavity. The fillings block the cavity and seal it to bring back the tooth’s functionality and stop further decay by preventing bacteria into the tooth cavity.

Today, you have the option to choose fillings of different materials, including metal fillings and non-metal fillings. Mernda Smiles offers you filling materials that can fit both your aesthetic and functional requirements.

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Our Dental Filling Solutions

At Mernda Smiles, we offer treatment services with dental fillings made from two different materials. They come in different colours and show varied durability. You have the option to choose the filling material of your choice.However, your dentist may suggest a specific filling material for you based on the location of the cavity and the size.

We offer the following filling solutions to our patients:

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam is the most chosen filling material by people, and it is known for highly durable results. It is a mixture of a number of metals, including copper, silver, mercury, zinc, and tin. Although it contains mercury, amalgam is safe and provide excellent results in most patients.

Note that amalgam is soft when it is put it in the tooth cavity but hardens once filled. The dark colour of filling stands out in the mouth, and therefore, amalgam filling is not the preferred choice for many patients.

Composite Fillings

At Mernda Smiles, we also offer composite fillings made from acrylic resin. It is a highly popular dental filling option for patients as it has natural, teeth-like colour, which makes the filling less noticeable. These fillings provide durability for small and medium-size cavities, and it is the choice for people who prefer non-metallic filling solutions for them.

Compared to amalgam fillings, compositive fillings are less strong and hence less durable. While it looks more natural, composite fillings are more expensive compared to other filling options.

The Procedure

Our dentists will examine your tooth condition, understand your requirements, and confirm the filling material that can provide you with the best results. Based on your needs, they will administer sedation to make the process virtually painless.

Your dentist will then clean out the cavity of the decayed tooth using modern tools. Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, your dentist will drill and shape the tooth to contain the fillings. Later, they will etch your tooth with an acid gel and place the filling.

If you are getting an acrylic resin filling, we will use a bright light to harden the filling. After placing the filling, your dentist will shape and polish your tooth to give a completely natural appeal.


How Long Do The Tooth Fillings Last?

Based on multiple factors, including the filling material used, the restoration location in the mouth, and the oral hygiene and care, you may get varied durability for your tooth fillings. Most amalgam fillings last up to 15 years, whereas composite fillings offer five years of life.

Always follow good oral hygiene to ensure your overall oral health. In addition to improving the durability of your tooth filling, oral hygiene also helps you to avoid the decay of other teeth.

Things To Remember

It takes 15 minutes to complete a tooth filling. You can continue with your routine immediately after completing the tooth filling process.

Note that you may experience sensitivity in the tooth for a week or two. Your dentist may prescribe some painkiller to cope up with the pain. Otherwise, you can use get some over-the-counter painkillers to manage the pain. If you struggle with prolonged sensitivity and pain, you should seek the assistance of your dentist.

Note that every invasive procedure carries risks and may not give the intended results beyond our best efforts. We request you to seek an independent opinion from a qualified health practitioner before going forward with the treatment procedure.



Protect Your Teeth With Dental Fissure Sealings

Do you know the pits and fissures on premolars and molars are a major reason for dental decay and cavity? Since most fissures and pits on molars are deep, the food you chew may get trapped in these grooves, leading to bacterial growth and plaque formation. Also, people may find it hard to brush these areas, and that lead to dental decay.

At Mernda Smiles, we are specific to provide preventive dentistry solutions to save each tooth and ensure excellent oral health for our patients. We offer dental fissure sealing to prevent bacterial growth, plaque formation, and tooth decay. Note that applying sealants is a painless and quick process that can be completed at our clinic in 15 minutes.

Dental sealants are tooth-coloured plastic coatings that can be applied directly on pits and fissures of your teeth.

Dental Fissure Sealing – Treatment Process

Before starting the treatment, our dentists will examine your teeth and ensure that there is no or limited dental decay. You don’t need to get any anaesthetic for the treatment nor any drilling.

During the treatment process, our dentists will clean and dry your tooth, prepare the tooth surface to make it bond with sealants, and apply the liquid sealant into the deep pits and grooves. The dentists will use a strong light to make the sealant bond with your tooth and harden. Finally, they will check your bites and polish the tooth to remove any excess sealant.

Note that once your tooth starts decaying, dental sealants are not your choice; your dentists will suggest other options, including dental fillings.


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